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January 18, 2013
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Vagina vote-off on BBM
Diandra Grandison, Star Writer

BlackBerry Messenger, commonly referred to as BBM, is currently being used as a forum to conduct a contest involving pictures of various scantily clad or nude women competing for small cash prizes

THE WEEKEND STAR recently came across a BlackBerry Broadcast Message, which thoroughly listed the criteria for individuals to participate in a vote-off for who had the best breast. The winner was promised $500 phone credit.

An excerpt of the broadcast message read: "Best Breast day today enuh!!! Di breast has to be out of clothing ... completely naked. In order to even qualify. Only di first 10 breasts will be entered ... Mek sure di pics dem clear ...(and di breast naffi big)."

The same individual later displayed a picture that was a compilation of the breasts that were chosen for the competition. Each set was assigned a number to be used as a guide for potential voters during the contest.

Investigations by our news team revealed that the broadcast message was created by a 24-year-old woman who goes by the moniker 'Foxy-Boo'.

Foxy-Boo, who also sells adult sex toys and hosts adult parties such as orgies, told THE WEEKEND STAR that she has been doing these competitions for more than two years.

for fun

She said, "It all started at first for fun and comments, but due to the response I was receiving, I was like yuh know what, why not mek dem girls feel good and get a credit."

Foxy also said that there are different categories that focus on various body parts namely: "breast, vagina, bottom, tongue, best piercing, sexiest lips and penis."

She said, "The vagina pics auction is the one with the most participants, I will get over 30 pics, and so I have to have a cut-off point"

When THE WEEKEND STAR asked her what's the highest votes a participant has ever received she responded "It all depends, but on average over 180 votes and is usually a vagina pic."

Foxy-Boo said the competitions usually occur every two weeks.

She elaborated, "I would send out a broadcast and persons on BBM would send me the picture of the body part requested in the broadcast message, and the person with the most votes would get phone credit ranging from $500 to $1,000."

In terms of funding, Foxy-Boo said that she gets the prizes through; "Persons from my contact list would send me the credit, or promoters of parties and even some popular persons within the dancehall."

When THE WEEKEND STAR inquired if she has ever received any backlash from her competitions she responded. "In the beginning, there were a few people who had a problem with it, and said I was downgrading women, but I told them that I don't believe that, I actually feel like I'm helping women to embrace and appreciate what they have."

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