January 18, 2013
Star Tell Me Pastor

I don't have feelings for her anymore
“Dear Pastor, I am in a relationship with a young woman but my mind is changing from her. I don't feel the way. Whenever she comes to visit me, I don't feel the same way as when we just started..... read more
He is fretting over his ex

Dear Pastor, I am 29 old and in love with a guy who is 32. He had another woman but they broke up. Because of what happened with this girl, it has affected our relationship. Sometimes I get the feeling he is fretting over her...

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Men must communicate more in sex

Dear Pastor, What women want in bed is attention. Women want their men to communicate during sex. Most women want men to lead and take control....

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Don't want to have sex on his birthday

Dear Pastor, I am a 19-year-old woman who was raped when I was 13. That caused me to hate men, but I am changed now because I met a guy who is also 19...

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He pays my cousin to watch me

Dear Pastor, I am a 17-year-old girl. I will be 18 in April. I am living with my father, and brother. My mother comes and goes...

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