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January 19, 2013
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Never too young to ... Accept Christ as your personal Saviour

Angella Morris - George Henry


The Apostolic Church in Jamaica is proud to have Angella Morris as one of its long-standing members. She has been a member of that body since she accepted the Lord at nine years old. But, her acceptance of Jesus as her personal Saviour came when she was 13.

"I accepted the Lord as my personal Saviour at the age of 13. I don't think that age was early. I think, based on socialisation; and even though when I was baptised at that age, I could not say to you that it was out of conversion, it was probably out of the way I was brought up," said Morris, who added that she thinks she became converted at age 16.

Morris said she wanted to be baptised at nine years old, but her father said she couldn't, because he thought that she was too young. However, at age 13 he agreed that she could. She admitted that she did not fully understood the whole matter of being a sober Christian, as she would still make the childhood jokes.

She noted that at 16 when the real conviction about Christ came upon her life, that was when she received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Very young ages

Morris, who has served in various capacities in the Apostolic Church including Sunday-school teacher, and a teacher of Bible classes, especially at the Richmond Apostolic Church in Manchester, believes like many of her colleagues that one is never too young to start serving the Lord.

"If you look at scriptures in the Holy Book, you can see where kings reigned at very young ages. Josiah was only eight years old when he began to reign. One just needs the proper guidance and training for the children and allowing them to grow and live according to what the Bible teaches," said Morris.

Unlike some old-timers and even some present- day church leaders who believe that persons who accept Christ as their Saviour should be given a period of six months observation before they are allowed to be baptised in water, Morris said she does not believe so.

"I was not socialised that way. I was not brought up in a church that taught that kind of thing. A person asks for baptism and they receive baptism.

If a child is too young, the parental guidance is sought and the parents consenting would be necessary. One is never too young; both of my children are baptised, and they were baptised very early," noted Morris.

The church worker believes that Sunday school is important and relevant in the life of every individual. This so, because according to her that is where the basics about Christ and christian living are taught. She added that when children go into mid-day worship, they do not understand much of what is happening there.

"They do not understand the message. But when you teach it in the story form; the presentations in Sunday school make it quite easier for the child to understand the concepts of Christ that you want to bring out," said the Sunday school teacher.

Morris, who also had a stint as a choir member noted that she enjoys teaching Sunday school and Bible-class lessons. She stressed that her involvement in the two areas gave her the opportunity to have a craving for deeper knowledge of the scriptures.

She said she has several Bible verses which are regarded as her favourites, but noted that Psalm 125 verses 1 and 2 can be regarded as the favourite of her favourites. Her favourite song is - He's been faithful to me," done beautifully by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

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