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January 22, 2013
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Magnum Kings and Queens first live show thrills
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Miss Kitty dances to Turbo J's song. - Contributed photos

For the first live show in season six of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, viewers were treated to strong performances when the event was held on Saturday at D' Entrance on Constant Spring Road, St Andrew.

The first impressive contestant from Castle Red was Sassy Silva, who was lauded for the strength of her voice. "You were so energetic. Everybody was singing along to the song," seasoned judge Miss Kitty said.

Buck 1 came later and was commended for how comfortable he seemed on stage. Wearing gold from head to toe, Suspense was quite vibrant and confident. She also got big 'forwards' when she shouted, "Magnum, bring the crown come."

While the earlier contestants did well, it was Shaney Mack who got the biggest response.

"I have just witnessed one of the best deliveries," judge Skatta said, noting that the contestant auditioned for the show four times.

Miss Kitty was just as impressed with Shaney Mack's performance.

"A plus plus for that performance. I love the song 'cause it was true to life. You were engaging," she said.

Glama was decent, but the ball dropped when Zip Head and Elegance took the stage. They were flat and lacked confidence.

Glamity was not much better, with judges commenting on her outfit more than the actual performance.

Luckily, there was Movac who did a song about his mother, who was also in the audience. "Your song had every component; clarity, melody and a wonderfully constructed song," Miss Kitty said.

He was followed by Charlene, who was smooth and expressive. "Fi your physique, mi neva know you woulda hold a rhythm so," said Pretty Boy Floyd, who was filling in for absentee judge Professor Nuts.

Later in the show, Jah Bouks had Miss Kitty blushing to his song Curves.

"To how you deal wid the show mi know everybody in ya have a different level of respect for you," said Skatta.

For Miss Kitty, female contestant Minori was "vocally very talented and quite competent." The final act, Turbo, also did well.

In the end, all the judges agreed that the show has grown and that the night's contestants were mostly strong.

"Magnum is the best show in TV. I am really impressed with these contestants tonight. I am really expecting that the best is yet to come," Miss Kitty said.


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