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January 22, 2013
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Bun Tragedy

Bless up all a mi Tambareen Fambily an' all a mi Mix-Up an Blenda massive. An' big-ups to all a mi Ragashanti in di Mawnin listeners up ya inna Obama Lan. An' big up an' congratulations to di boss himself, President Barack Obama, who jus shell dung him inauguration. Maaawwdd!! Mix-up time.

Family, Friday gaan mi get da email ya fram Englan:

A pleasant good morning from one of your long-time listeners from Bristol, England. Mi say Raga, mi neighbour man come catch har a sort out wid him boss and run come knock mi door say mi fi open it cause the man ago kill har. So mi open my door this morning, and when mi open my door she come in and say mi must not let him in. So mi ask har say what's wrong? She start tell mi say the man thing pop dung, that's why she cheat on him. So I said to her, 'Why didn't you just tell him its over and move on?' She say him pay the bills and take care of her and her child. So I said to her, that's wicked 'cause before you did even think of giving him bun you shoulda think about the good he has done, and mi ask her why she choose the man boss fi bun? She said she is getting it both ways cause the boss instrument tun up 'n him look after her. Raga, mi just tell har fi come out a mi house cause mi have father, brother, uncle, and a woman like she mek man think worst of other woman. Raga, I want you to tell me if I was being too hard on her? 'Cause, Raga, the man is a hard-working man.

Den Monday mi get dis fram di same smaddy:

Hello Raga, I emailed you on Friday about my next door neighbour that she was sleeping with her man's boss. Raga, the man kill himself yesterday! He took loads of pills. Raga, right now me cant stop cry. Sad fr Bristol.

Den likkle afta pon yessideh Monday same way, mi get da one ya:

Raga, she try kill har self and she in a coma a hospital, coz the man family threaten har. Mi just get it. I will keep you updated as it come in.

Well, if everyting goh di way da person ya say it goh, den clearly is a very unpleasant tragedy. Da mix-up ya show di ugly an awful side of bunning.

Me always say people fi avoid bunning as much as possible, but if unu feel unu MUST haffi bun den dweet wid respect. If da woman ya did feel say because har good-good man tool pap dung dat mean she must gi him bun, den she shouldn't bounce it da way deh. How she fi a bun di man inna him owna house?? Inna di man bed?? Wid him boss??!! A wickidniss dem ting deh. Yuh can imagine how di poor man mus feel wen him ketch dem? Fi know say him been a work haad fi him boss, fi mind him woman, an den di two a dem goh do dis to him. An pon top a dat him instrument naa work, an unu know how dat important to man. She deal wid him wicked.

An weh she gaan try fi kill fi har self too fa?? Kmt!!

But as wicked as she is, a still di man responsibility fi nuh kill himself. Me know him mus did a goh tru it, an me know depression can be an awful ting, but wen someone kill demself, particularly a grown person, a fi dem owna fault. If people before we who suffa waaayyyy more dan we, did kill dem self because a dem suffering, den nuff a we wouldn't deh ya.

So if some rahtid bun a mash up yuh medz right ya now, or if sitin else a stress yuh out wicked an' a mek yuh a tink fi goh hurt yuh self - nuh badda wid it!!! Leggo who fi leggo an' move on wid yuh life!!

Survive!! Neva give up!!

Survive!! Me a cut di endz ya now. See unu Thursday.


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