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January 22, 2013
Star Tell Me Pastor


Stop chasing him

Dear Pastor,

May the blessings of the Lord be upon you and grant you wisdom. At my workplace, I fell in love with one of my co-workers. Everything was going well between us until he changed. I know that I did not do him anything that should have stopped him from talking to me. He doesn't even greet me anymore. I asked him why his attitude towards me had changed and he did not reply.


I feel like a fool because he is saying that nothing is wrong and at the same time his attitude shows that something is bothering him. I have texted him and emailed him, but he has not responded. I do not know what else to do. His attitude is depressing me. He does not behave as if I exist. At the workplace, he speaks to the other employees but he doesn't speak to me at all anymore. Please try and help me.

Baffled Girlfriend

Dear Baffled Girlfriend,

Have you said anything to your co-workers about the relationship this man and you are having? Could it be that this man has heard something that has caused him to become concerned? Perhaps you have said something that you should not have said. Perhaps he would have preferred to have the relationship between the both of you undercover.

Whatever is his reason for not saying anything to you, it is evident that he is trying to tell you that he is not interested anymore in having a relationship with you. So, please, stop chasing him. If you have to talk to him pertaining to work, you may do so. If not, behave as if he does not exist.


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