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January 23, 2013
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Diandra Grandison, Star Writer

A construction worker is distraught after he was scammed by a man who told him he could get material at a cheaper price for the reconstruction of his home.

Donovan Mason* told THE STAR that he was approached earlier this month by a man stating that he was sent by another person who Mason knew, to take him to a popular hardware store to purchase the construction material.

"The man said someone who sold me sand before gave him my contact information and he said he had material, cement, sand, ply board and steel," he said.

He continued, "The man who told me his name is Gary, said he is a supervisor at a well known hardware store and told me that if I gave him $25,000 he would get the material at a discount at his workplace."

Mason told THE STAR that he was not suspicious of Gary's actions because he was very sincere.

"I never met him before, but his approach was very genuine and he convinced me, it was like he knew my situation, he even took me to the hardware store in his motor vehicle" he said.

But according to Mason, things started to go awry shortly after he vacated Gary's Silver-Blue Nissan Sentra.

"After he took the cash, he told me to go inside the hardware store to collect a receipt, when I went inside, no-one knew anything about a receipt, so I went outside to look for him, when I went outside, he was gone." He told THE STAR in an exasperated tone.

He also told THE STAR that he had to walk from the hardware store to his home in Waltham Park because he didn't have any fare as Gary was the one who transported him to the hardware store.

When THE STAR asked Mason if he reported the incident to the police he responded, "I didn't know what to report, I just felt cramp and depressed the only thing left for me to do was cry."

Mason told THE STAR that a large portion of the money was borrowed and it had also placed a damper on his reconstruction plans. When THE STAR asked Mason how the alleged salesman looked he said, "He was tall and dark-skinned with locks or braids at the back of his head, appeared to be in his mid-30s, and has a scar on the left side of his face beside his ear that cannot be hidden."

Mason's wife also told THE STAR that her neighbour told her about a similar incident which occurred in the area.

"My neighbour told me about a sandman who went to a lady who was building a house and said he would get cement for her, she gave him $16,000 and he never returned."

When THE STAR contacted the Half-Way Tree Police Station, they said they have not received any reports about persons being scammed by a man allegedly selling construction materials.

*Name changed

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