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January 24, 2013
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Spring Garden - St Thomas
Crystal Harrison, Staff Reporter

This woman fills her bottles at a standpipe.

This woman is seen doing hair at a roadside salon in Spring Gardens, St Thomas.

These two women head home after doing laundry.

Entertainers (from left) George Bailey, Ronda Wallace, Alpha Beacon and Hopeton Grant were more than happy to welcome THE STAR to the community. - ian allen photos

Apart from an obvious cry for water in Spring Garden, St Thomas, the residents say they are more than pleased to have the main road to their community, Morant Road, fixed.

When THE STAR journeyed to the tranquil community yesterday, several residents were out in their numbers at a main standpipe filling their buckets and jugs.

The residents say that for over two weeks they have not seen running water in their homes.

"Sometimes, when you come to the standpipe there is a long line. We have to go to the river or go to the spring because the water problem is very bad, and I don't know what the problem is. They say it is because of a broken pump or something like that. Sometimes, I have to make like two trips for water a day," Sandra Turner told THE STAR.

Justice of the peace for about 10 years in the community Roger Smith told us that road repairs in the area come as a relief to residents, as it put the community in a better light.

"The roads were in a deplorable condition, so it is now a relieve. The main problem right now is that the water supply is poor, as the water pumps break down frequently. Residents have to be using spring which is unsafe and untreated. Here unemployment is also a problem and we need a functioning community centre," Smith said.


Several youths who entertained us in the community said that they have been keeping their area active by keeping regular events such as Chicken Back Mondays and Tuesdays, Bingo Wednesdays and so on.

"We have we little entertainment because di people dem have to juggle because di place is jobless, but the police dem nuh stop lock-off we music early. I think that the cops should allow us to play our music on weekends until 6 a.m., the following day and use the regular rule that they have now for weekdays," a man who identified himself as only Rasta told THE STAR.

Meanwhile, a senior teacher at the Spring Garden Primary School says the small institution is doing very well in literacy.

"The children here are passing for the traditional schools and we enter the Spelling Bee competition, so we are doing well. What we would love to see is more parents sending their children here because we find that a lot of parents are sending their kids to schools outside the community," Beverley Richards told THE STAR.

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