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January 24, 2013
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Preacher predicts disaster in July

Crystal Harrison, Staff Reporter

A massive earthquake will hit Jamaica and other nations on July 17, this year. This is the prediction of cable technician and street preacher Clifton Lindo, 50, from Spanish Town, St Catherine. Lindo, who is not aligned to any denomination, says he has lost the support of his family and friends because of his spiritual belief, but he is not deterred.

"I've been all over the island preaching, because I have this message from 2004. I was inspired through the word that I should note my message on paper and on a scroll and display it to the world," Lindo said. "Before July of this year, around May or June, Iran and Israel will be in a war and on July 17, there will be a massive earthquake all over the world. Most people will believe that it is Jesus' second coming, but it's the (beginning of) judgement. The following year, 2014, will be the second coming of the Lord."

absolutely nonsense

However, Bishop Purcell Jackson of God's Way Assembly Ministries in Kingston, and Reverend Philbert Johnson, senior pastor of the Gregory Park New Testament Church of God, have rubbished Lindo's predictions.

"That's absolutely nonsense, that man has no foundation, and it is absolutely erroneous at the very least. I will even go out on a limb and say that this is demonic. The Bible says that no one knows the minute or the hour when the Lord will put in his appearance," Bishop Jackson said.

Rev Johnson said: "No man knows the minute when God shall put in his appearance, and the Bible explains that fully in Matthew 24, not even the angels know the minute".

On January 4, THE STAR published a story forecasting a mixed future for Jamaica by some spiritualists, leaving many calling for specifics.

In the article, Prophetess Faith Williams, who is associated with the Prayer Ministry Deliverance Centre in Linstead, St Catherine, had said that the country will experience more natural disasters and loss of businesses.


Likewise, Professor Aba of the House of Power Society in Montego Bay had predicted that 2013 will see a lot of hardships for many people. In addition, he said he saw a major accident on one of the country's highways, however, he was unable to give any specifics.

But Bishop Jackson believes that the predictions were too general and probably useless and is unconvinced 2013 will be a bad year for Jamaica.

"The sign of a true prophet is that he gives dates and details," Bishop Jackson said. "God is a God of time and numbers and there is significance on the number 13. It is the number of promises and it also speaks to victory. The number seven is God's perfect number and the number six is the number of man, therefore six and seven equals 13. Man plus God equals victory or promise," the bishop said.

Reverend Johnson also agreed the predictions do not say much. "God normally speaks clear and in specific ways, so that people can understand what he is saying. So I am in agreement with Bishop Jackson that those predictions are way too general," he said.

He added that it is no secret that judgement is over-hanging Jamaica because of the presence of immorality, for example the killing of the innocent and the widespread homosexuality.

"The word of God is very clear, sin is a reproach to any nation, but righteousness exalts a nation," he said.

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