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January 25, 2013
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Bush dweller accused of ... Incest with sister and kids ... Cops, CDA plan to rescue children
Diandra Grandison, Star Writer

Police and representatives from the Child Development Agency (CDA) are preparing to launch a manhunt to find a man who is living deep in bushes in a rural area, and allegedly having sexual relations not only with his sister but with the children they have together.

Residents from a community called Middlesex, near the St Ann/St Catherine border, said the man, who resides deep in the hills and has been evading them and police for years, was living with his sister and after giving her children, also began having sex with these children.

Police said the incident was brought to their attention in 2011 by residents after a lost child was brought to the station.

"Residents found a child and brought him to the station. He looked like an 'African alien', him did really tiny and couldn't speak, only mutter and mek sounds like bird and him did look abnormal," a policeman revealed.

It was later revealed that the lost child was a product of incest, after a woman, later identified as the sister, who said she escaped from the hills, was brought to the station to identify him. "She didn't know who the child belonged to, she said he could be hers or her daughter's and that there were about seven of them," a police officer said.

Shortly after this revelation, a team comprising three police officers, residents and a representative from the CDA, took to the hills in search of the man and the other children.

One of the police officers who was present during the search told THE STAR: "We entered through Middlesex district into an adjoining community called Bonnett. We went way up in the bushes and walked for about two and a half hours where we saw around four huts on the property."

She continued: "Inside each hut were drums used to catch water, a big piece of sponge which looked like it was used for sleeping purposes, and crocus bags along with an area which looked like it was used for cooking."

It was not ascertained who owns the land.

The CDA officer said they abandoned the search because of the terrain and lack of resources. "We went far up in the hills and had to turn back because of shortage in manpower and the terrain, the huts were spread out so there could probably be more," she shared. "The woman (sister) is currently in an infirmary and the boy is at a place of safety."

One resident said the 'family' has been living in the hills for years and whenever residents try to go up there, the man sets traps on the property. "I've only seen three of them, the daughter who looks like she's in her 20s and she has two kids for her dad, they all look mentally ill," she recalled.

She said the three children would normally come down from the hills whenever free food was available, and then return. "They always turn up in the community whenever anything with free food keeping like grave digging and funerals and residents normally feed them, and then they would go back up there," she said.

The CDA and the police were unable to stipulate a date for the commencement of the search. "We are currently trying to get more manpower, because the police station is short staffed, as well as more equipment and a helicopter to assist with scoping the woods."

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