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January 25, 2013
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'The wedding is off!' - One-night stand leads to break-up
Crystal Harrison, Staff Reporter

A 35-year-old woman who has admitted that she cheated on her partner with a 19-year-old is desperate to have a lie- detector test done to prove that it was only a one-night stand.

Evette Levys* aid her one mistake resulted in a cancellation of her wedding.

She said the problem started about two years ago from a random text message from a strange man.

"One day, I got what is called a chain message, one of those messages that people send around. I didn't reply to the text but from that day, the person started texting me," Levy said.

It got to the point where she started conversing with the strange male friend over the phone. They eventually met and he spent a night with her.

"Yes, I eventually allowed this person to come to my home, and, yes, we slept together. I don't know how this happen, I eventually broke it off, but one morning me and my partner woke up and we saw our car glass was broken. My partner even started getting threats from this guy and so on, so things fell apart," Levy said.

Levy said she was in a relationship with her partner for around seven years and it was a relationship that was admired by many. So unsecured Levy said her partner became, that they separated.

"We were to get married in 2010, but this issue came up. I don't know how this happen because I am not the kind of person to do something like this. We were so close and so compatible. This is a relationship that I want and maybe counselling can help us. It (cheating), was a one-off thing, and I just want him to know that and believe that," Levy said.

She also said that up to this day she has still not found out how the young man got her number.

Levy said that she later found out that the young man is a criminal who is now serving time in prison.

*Name changed

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