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January 26, 2013
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Two men murdered along St John's Road

Rasbert Turner, Star Writer

The St Catherine North Division has recorded its second double murder since the start of the year with the murder of two men along St John's Road yesterday.

Those killed are Barrington McDowell, 38, and Fitzroy Williams otherwise call 'Bummy Ranks', 49, of 54 St John's Road.

The incident has left the St John's Road community very tense.

kick off door

"This is very wicked as the man dem just kick off the door and killed the man dem. This mek you wonder who next," a resident said to the approval of others.

It was the consensus that the area was experiencing calm until the recent incident.

Persons said that Bummy Ranks was a promising entertainer who recently returned from overseas while McDowell was out on bail for a charge of murder.

Reports are that about 3:00 a.m., gunmen kicked open a door to the men's dwelling house and shot and killed them.

Earlier this month, Anthony Rambaram and his wife Ivey were shot and killed near Linstead.

The St Catherine Major investigation Task Force has since conducted a probe in the matter.

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