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January 28, 2013
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Men should support their children

Dem seh the higher di monkey climb di more him expose. Mi naa seh Cliff Twang is a monkey so mi no waa none a unnu mix mi up but with the success of his line "Nobody Caana Cross It" am sure him get a thing, so mi nuh see how him inna jail for not paying him child support.

Being a father is not just about being able to tell people seh a your yute dat or show up when di pickney dem a do good or fi walk and brag to him friend dem how well his child is doing when he didn't contribute to di growth or development of that child.

Nuff man deh a dance an buy wah mount a Hennessy and odda high-end liquor use it wash dem face, dem hand, all dem boot and dem don't have a clue how dem pickney eat, drink or go school.

Dem prefer fi have a bag a gal a spend pon and dem pickney get left by the wayside inna tear up clothes and buss out shoes! Some a dem so bad das dem disown or don't mine fi dem pickney but will be generous to other people kids like him name Father Christmas. Especially if him waa impress people outta road him keep up di appearance like him a do when dem know inna dem heart dem naa do.

Too many men take being an responsible father fi one big joke and di truth be told too many women facilitate and enable this dutty behaviour which ultimately affects the children. Nuff woman no brave enough fi carry di man go Family Court because dem no waa ruffle him feather or in an attempt to secure di one-eye serpent!

Because a dat, dem mek di man dem get weh wid murda an a when it start to boil down to di gravy, a dem time deh nuff a dem waa get serious when it already too late. As fi Cliff Twang mi cyaa understand why dis predicament would befall him. After how di song shaaat an di amount a coverage weh him get an all endorsement yuh mean fi tell mi him couldn't clear up di bill with him wife?

All a di new money weh pass through him hand mi waa know how much a it spend pon him family and him kids dem. Mi know is not like him tun billionaire but mi know him mus' coulda cross it likkle betta! So a who di money spend pon an a wah it use do? Because mi know him no build no bridge a Mavis Bank! Mi hope a no 'hairy bank' all a him money go inna because most time dem bank deh have limited or no interest!

Taking care of children isn't soley the responsibilty of the father because some big tuff woman waa siddung and no wuk an provide and den waa stress di man like a him alone bring di pickney dem come a world! But it cannot be that as a man yuh hold a change and it squander out and yuh kids no look bout.

Dem haffi come first and he, she and di ole lady come last. The fact dat it was reported that Cliff Twang cyaa tek up a $80,000 bail have mi worried cause to how him cross it wid change inna him pocket him coulda at least be able fi bail himself and it mek mi likkle bit wary to cause mi a wonda if none a him church bredda or sista cyaa bail him?!

If a man no have it so to speak, he can't be pressured to give wat him don't have so him haffi find some other way to compensate and take care of his kids. But from him have it, it should go without saying seh him 'seed' haffi get taken care of.

At the end of the day the welfare of the children comes first and if him cyaa cross it by will the court will mek him cross it by force!


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