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January 29, 2013
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Bi-Tri drama

Propa propa respek to all Mix-Up linky-linky an all a mi Tambareen Fambily. An big-up to all a mi 'Ragashanti in di Mawnin' listeners up ya inna Obama ln. Bless up unu mix-up self.

No hitching, mix-up time:

Bi-Tri Drama

A woman a blaze out gainst har one-time fren say di fren a luu. Di two a dem each have dem husband weh dem live wid inna dem respective homes. But den a carry-go-bring-come drama bust between dem, an dem end up bex wid each oda.

Mi nuh know wa really gwaan wid di vexation, but it reach a point weh one a dem say di oda one betta doan mek she go ova har house an go rinse di tings dem to har husband. Wen di one weh mi a go call 'Talk-up' hear weh har one-time fren say, she get mad an staat talk up di supm dem. Talk-up say if har fren eva come say nuttin to har husband she a goh knock pon fi har door an also tell fi har husband di tings dem. Talk-up say di two a dem use to sex dem one anneda fi months!! Yeah, each a dem have dem husbands but dem did a sort out dem one anneda regularly. Soh di two a dem a bisexual.

Anyways, Talk-up bust it out say she know har fren also a goh waan tell har husband say she did dash out har sitin pon a bwoy. But Talk-up claim say she already done tell har husband say she did sen on a one bun pon him. She claim a one time she did dagga di bunna bwoy. Talk-up also say she already tell har husband say she did a sort out har girlfren, an dat di husband have everything pon a level weh him naa lef har.

But den di mix-up have a neda rahtid twist. Talk-up say har fren husband have a niece weh live inna di house wid dem - an dat fram long time har fren a sort out di niece!! Yeah, di fren husband help out him niece an bring har inna him house fi she gwaan buil har life, an him wife nuh do nuttin more dan bruk out di niece inna di lesbian ting! Talk-up say a all regula she a sort out di niece wen di husband inna di house.

Unu see mi dying trial!!

U can imagine how da poor man deh not even have di slightest clue say him wife freakiniss buck to di max; how him de deh inna him house an nuh know say more while wen him a tek a nap him wife de deh a slap weh him niece juju!!

If a laugh a bruk a rib!

Nooo sah! Nowadays di amount a tings weh a gwaan right unda people nose mek yuh doan even know who fi trus. Cuz di person yuh least expect fi a do di tings, dem a di same person a di top freak inna di ting.

In any case, mi a gwaan watch di flex fi hear if di oda woman a goh do nuttin X. Or she might jus buil an hol har cawna since she hear Talk-up warn har nastiness say she prepared fi rinse di tings dem. Mek we wait an see.

Awright, me a leggo now. See unu Thursday, same place yah so. Bless up unu mix-up self.

Du Road!

'Yeah, each a dem have dem husbands but dem did a sort out dem one anneda regularly.'

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