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January 29, 2013
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NUDE MEN BRAWL IN EARLY MORNING - Loud noise, fighting wake neighbours

Residents of an upscale St Andrew neighbourhood were awakened by loud noise and screams believed to be coming from a woman on Friday night. But to the surprise of the few who sought to lend a hand, it was a nude male who was being assaulted by his semi-nude male lover who was responsible for the screams.

Information gathered by THE STAR is that the homosexuals, who have been residing in the community for some time, have been engaged in ongoing arguments. According to the residents, last Friday night, however, things took a different turn when that argument escalated from the self-professed gay men's home to the streets.

The incident occurred on Oval Road about 2 a.m, a resident who our news team spoke with told us she was watching the commotion from her living room window.

She said, "Every week is some kind a drama with these type of people. I don't really have a problem with them but when they carry on like that, it's really disturbing. I was watching from my home window ... I saw a few people out there watching them and their antics."


She continued, "The one that was naked just looked helpless, taking the battering and cussing from the one that was half naked!"

THE STAR was told that guards attached to a nearby company responded to the uproar as a precaution to protect the perimeter around the premises where their business place is situated.

When our news team visited the community on the weekend, residents pointed to the house where the drama unfolded.

A male resident expressed, "Nobody wants to deal with them ... I was close by and saw some security who were armed drove up and when they saw the men, they just kissed their teeth and drove away."

Checks by THE STAR with the police station located close to the community revealed that the officers, though not being aware of last Friday's incident, have had numerous reports of homosexuals and their disruptive behaviour.

The senior crime fighter said, "That incident is new to me. I was not on duty at that time, I would have to double check. I know for a fact and it is out there that the police have been having some issue dealing with these men ... In this area we come across similar incidents."

In a story carried recently by THE GLEANER, Senior Superintendent in charge of the St Andrew Central Police Division, Fitz Bailey, told reporters that neither the residential community nor the business district has been spared the 'wrath' of some of these individuals.

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