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January 29, 2013
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DROPPED GUN SCARES COURT - weapon falls to ground, causes panic

A senior magistrate, police personnel, lawyers, court officials and several persons before the court suffered a scare after a policeman's gun fell in one of the smaller courtrooms at the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court recently.

Information reaching THE STAR is that courtroom three, at the Half-Way Tree Resident Magistrate's Court, erupted in confusion last Friday after a cop's firearm fell, though the conditions through which it happened were not made clear.

A reliable source told THE STAR that court three was being presided over by Resident Magistrate (RM) Georgianna Fraser at the time the incident happened.

Our news team gathered also that the RM was rather perturbed about the incident and briefly warned about policies relating to firearms in a courtroom.

THE STAR was told that the 'clumsy' police officer allegedly offered an apology to the RM and the court.

THE STAR understands also that after things calmed down, the weapon safely retrieved, and court proceedings continued.

When THE STAR contacted the court's office administrators they were apparently unaware of what took place.

"I have never heard of that incident ...", and when asked whether or not guns are allowed in the courts she expressed, "I don't think they are supposed to carry the firearm but then again I don't know if there were any provisions ... the court clerk could speak to that," a senior administrative person said.

When contacted, a clerk of the court who works from the RM office said he too was unaware of the incident, and our queries were hastily directed to the commissioner of police.

An accused man who was on trial and claims to have been present in courtroom three at the time of the alleged incident, gave our news team his perspective.

He said, "At first, I didn't know what fell on the ground, I noticed persons moving at one section of the room then I overheard the commotion ... that was when I saw the firearm and mi say Fada God, we jus escape one of dem freak accident ting deh."

Another person who also claimed to have witnessed the happening said, "A one ting mi affi say, mi did frighten! Suppose di gun did go off, God forbid, but as a police you can't so clumsy."

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