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January 30, 2013
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Ah Jamaica! What a weirdly exciting and insanely amusing space this place is! And a lot of the craziness is on Twitter.

Yesterday, my eyes caught a link on Twitter to an online article with headline saying 'Return to anarchy: thieves strike as Govt reopens scrap-metal trade'. The story went on to report that just hours before the anticipated official resumption of the controversial trade, thieves broke into the home of veteran politician Pearnel Charles, and ran off with several metal chairs and tables that were on his verandah.

I know it's not a joke, but this is Jamaica where we tek bad things mek laugh! One tweeter on Twitter named Pat Mack had me bussing a big dutty laugh with a post in relation to the parliamentarian's unfortunate misadventure. His tweet said "Scrap metal thieves rob Pearnel the day the trade opens? What a coincidence! Just like the graying pattern in his hair."

Another topic providing nuff heat and plenty sweet on Twitter is a Volkswagen Super Bowl advert. Yu see it or hear about it? The ad features a white man from Minnesota who's so happy about his new VW that he cheers up his co-workers in an obviously fake Jamaican accent, and his infectious cheerfulness spreads to his friends. The ad obviously works, because everybody is talking about it. Most seem to find it funny, but a few people think it is offensive. I think the folks who take offence need to take something else - like a chill pill or a laxative!

Cassius Watson, who I follow on Twitter, is among those who had problems with the ad. Watson tweeted "This VW ad is annoying me SMFH #BadJamaicanAccentAgain!" Well, you know how I love to argue. So, I replied with a tweet asking him why he found it annoying, and pointed out that to me it's just fun, and is actually a compliment to us the Jamaican people.

The way I see it, the basic idea of equating a happy and positive disposition with talking/being Jamaican is definitely a good thing, especially in a time when many people prefer to equate being violent and ignorant with speaking/being Jamaican. And as I've often heard, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Thankfully, not everybody sees it like Cassius. Another tweeter named Bianca Welds said "I finally watched that VW ad and all I got was this dude was so inspired by the Jamaican spirit that it transformed him. #GetOverIt!" And Janet Silvera tweeted "Where do we get the idiots who call themselves Jamaicans? When we are complimented, we are upset. Nothing is wrong with the VW ad, love it!"

I agree with the lovely ladies. Some people take life too serious. Me, I believe life is too short to miss out on opportunities for laughter. That's why tonight I'm going to kinobah, kinkyat and kinteet wid Ity and Fancy Cat, Kathy Grant, Rohan Gunter and Shady Squad at the new live series called Comedy Café at South Beach Café. Come kinteet wid mi nuh!


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