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January 31, 2013
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Delly Ranx demands truth from Anthony B - Says artiste caused him to miss US tour

Delly Ranx

Reggae artiste Delly Ranx is asking fellow reggae artiste and mentor Anthony B to go to the media and claim responsibility for his (Delly Ranx) absence from his (Anthony B's) recently concluded tour.

According to Delly Ranx, Anthony B asked him to be a supporting act on his US tour, however, after posters were printed advertising Delly Ranx for the tour, Anthony B decided to go without him.

"It is not a right or wrong situation, nor a popularity thing. I just want to clear my name, so that people don't think that I am a 'no show' artiste. I just want him to talk the truth and let the people know that it is not my fault why I missed the tour," Delly Ranx said.

The reggae artiste explained that he and Anthony B, who both reside in the US, kept constant contact with each other until the day the tour was expected to start.

"Even the day before we were expected leave for the tour, me and Anthony B talk. I packed and was waiting on him for us to go to California and all now mi nuh see him. Mi call him bout 100 time and all now mi nuh get him. Then I asked my manger to try the number and he called and got him. He said his phone battery was dead, yet when I tried calling him again I didn't get through," he said.

Delly Ranx is now making preparations to embark on his tour called The Next Chapter. However, due to his absence from Anthony B's tour, promoters are sceptic about booking him, fearing that he might not turn up. Delly Ranx now wants Anthony B to take responsibility for his (Delly Ranx) 'no show' and clear his name.

"The people are looking at me in a negative light because they are disappointed. Anthony B nuh tell dem the truth so they think it's me. My manager has been booking shows and the promoter dem a tell him sey mi a 'no show' artiste, and that is bad for my business," he said.

tell the people the truth

"Just tell the people the truth, I don't want no apology from you, I don't want anything from you. Just tell the people the truth. I respect you as a good reggae artiste and as a performer, but please tell the people the truth," Delly Ranx said.

Delly Ranx is also looking to tour Europe and Canada following the US leg of the tour.

Efforts made to contact Anthony B for a comment proved futile, as all his numbers rang consistently without answer.

However, his publicist, Ronnie Tomlinson, told the STAR that she is not aware of a friction between both artistes outside of Twitter.

"I am not aware of a rift between both artistes, but I did see some stuff on Twitter. Right now, Anthony B is focused on his Freedom Fighter Tour and will release a new album called Tribute to Legends," Tomlinson said.

Anthony B

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