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January 31, 2013
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'Duppy a hol mi dung!!'

Tambareen Fambily linky-linky an Mix Up massive big up unu self. An propa respek to all a mi Ragashanti in di Mawnin listeners up ya inna Obama Lan. Str8 blessings.

Well, di mix-up dis week have a somewhat different feel fram di usual, but a mix-up same way.

Pree dis:

"Duppy a hol mi dung!!"

After listening to several of your callers speak about being motionless and aware that they are unable to move their bodies when in bed, I am inclined to agree with the caller which stated that the spirit leaves the body.

This is a phenomenon that I have experienced personally. I was afraid when this happened, as sometimes I was able to observe and feel my motionless body lying while my spirit was hovering above the bed looking down at my body just lying there.

As a result of this and other spiritual experiences, I sought out spiritual and esoteric teachings from various mystical schools and teachers.

I do not believe, however, that the spirit becomes corrupted or contaminated like he said. I only know that it it collects information, and experiences and returns to the physical body again. That is why one should never wake a person up suddenly or that could offset the harmonious manner in which the astral/spiritual body returns.

When a person has visions, which I have been fortunate or unfortunate to have. This is the astral body at work. In so doing, I learnt that we are comprised of many different bodies. Not just one physical body.

We have the astral body which leaves us when we are asleep and gathers information and experiences and returns with the information which we remember or don't. When we remember, we can usually predict or be aware of things happening before they actually do. There are times when we will go somewhere and feel that we have gone there before but actually did not. This is a result of the astral body travelling to that location even though the physical body did not actually go there.

Then there is the etheric body, which is the exact replica of the physical body. This is what people may see after a person has died and is known as "duppy" in cases of recent death. This etheric body stays around for a period of time about nine days and may be seen by others who are sensitive to this. In some cases, this etheric body may be tied to the physical world and stay around longer if they are attached to certain physical things or environment.

I know that when a person dies at home- back in the olden days, they would cover the mirrors in the house because the etheric double as it is called could be reflected in a mirror.

Don't know if any of this makes sense to you, but I can only speak from my experiences and the information I have gathered throughout the years in finding answers for my experiences. There is a lot more to say but time does not allow.

I used to struggle and be afraid when trying to feel my body move again and thought I was dying. Now I understand what is happening and remain calm to allow the spiritual body to enter without struggling to do so. Afterwards, I am able to relax and allow it to happen to awake feeling refresh and alive again.

Keep doing the wonderful work that you do in enlightening and entertaining others.

God bless and keep you always.

Well, thank you for expounding on a matter that has actually confounded many people all over the world, including many Jamaicans.

Like I've often stated before, facts without theory and theory without facts are equally useless. Therefore, when we experience strange events (facts) it is a very human practice to generate an explanation (theory) for that which has occurred. When most people seek to generate explanations they draw on the experiences and knowledge that they already have. When Jamaicans experience something strange, and there's an absence of obvious explanations, they generally draw on supernatural causations that usually have to do with God, Satan (the Devil), spiritualism, and good luck and bad luck.

Your explanation is that of the supernatural.

While I'm not denouncing your explanation (theory), I have been privy to an alternate scientific explanation that I find quite rational and logical. It is that which is referred to as "sleep paralysis". In this instance, a person awakes in a temporary state of the brain being awake but the body is not yet awake. This causes the person to be conscious of everything that's happening to them but they cannot move. In all of these rare instances, if the person remains still the body will eventually awake and everything will be normal as usual. However, many Jamaicans in this strange situation have believed that they were either being held down by spirits (duppy or obeah) or their spirits left their bodies during sleep and is now unable to re-enter. Many Jamaicans in this situation have also resorted to "releasing" themselves with a Psalm or dem jus plea di blood a Jeazas pon di demon dem weh a hol dem dung!!

Different explanations (theories) for the same phenomenon.

Even so, I do appreciate and understand the reasons for your articulate views on the matter, and, as contradictory and as this may sound, I'm actually more spiritual than scientific. However, I still have to disagree with your explanation for this particular issue.

But we good same way .... lol.


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