January 31, 2013
Star Tell Me Pastor

“Dear Pastor, I am having problems with my husband. He is having a relationship with a girl who is the same age as my first son..... read more
Women are deceiving men all over the world

Dear Pastor, Keep up the good work that you are doing. If I should get married to a woman and I found out that during the marriage she got pregnant for someone else, I wouldn't support that child....

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He wants to take away my house

Dear Pastor, My husband treats me most disrespectfully. I had to run away from him. I decided to come back to my house because I wanted to serve God....

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Fourteen children at age 29

Dear Pastor, There is a saying that states, "Most poor people breed while the rich men feed." This may sound a little bit unfair, but how many wealthy or rich men have 15 or 16 children?

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