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January 31, 2013
Star Tell Me Pastor



Dear Pastor,

I am having problems with my husband. He is having a relationship with a girl who is the same age as my first son. She is a schoolteacher. She has put him on her life insurance as beneficiary. He is disrespectful to me. He is treating me as if I am not his wife. I have to be finding everything for myself and I have to be paying my own doctor bills and buying my own medication.

Pastor, I am not working. I plant a little garden to help myself. My husband went out of the marriage and got three kids. He is overseas now for eight months. Whenever he is in Jamaica, he doesn't come home before two or three in the morning. And sometimes he leaves out in the morning and doesn't come home until the following morning. He doesn't communicate with me and he doesn't tell me any of his business.

I would like your advice. I am suffering from stress.

Unhappy Wife

Dear Unhappy Wife,

This man is not happy at home and you are not happy with him. From his behaviour, you can know that he doesn't care about you. There isn't any love in his heart for you. The love is with his teacher girlfriend. He is a very careless man. He is not only careless but he is silly. Wise married men don't go about having children with other women. By the time he comes to himself, he is likely to be a very old man and the other women would not have anything to do with him because he would be incapable of assisting them.

I am really sorry for you, but at the same time, I am glad that you are strong enough to work a little garden to help yourself. Prayer is a powerful tool. So, I would suggest that every day you spend time in prayer and Bible reading. And whenever you feel strong, spend some time in fasting. Don't nag your husband or have anything to say to his children's mother or to his teacher girlfriend.

Pray, pray, pray. Prayer changes things. God can change your husband and give you deliverance.


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