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January 31, 2013
Star Tell Me Pastor


Women are deceiving men all over the world

Dear Pastor,

Keep up the good work that you are doing. If I should get married to a woman and I found out that during the marriage she got pregnant for someone else, I wouldn't support that child. I wouldn't stay with her either because she was unfaithful, deceiving and she took my money under false pretence.

I also think she could do something worse to me than just giving me a "jacket." A lot of this kind of behaviour by women is happening all over the world these days.


Dear M.,

Men for many years have been supporting children believing that these children were their biological children. Many children have grown up believing that these men were their biological fathers.

Sometimes the people in the community were well aware that these men were not the fathers of these children but they had no way of proving it. And even when the men suspected that they were not the biological fathers, they continued to maintain them because they didn't want anybody to believe that they were given 'jackets'.

Nowadays, it is very easy for men to know whether or not they have fathered these children. Men are eager to do paternity tests. However, some men are afraid to know the truth, so whether it's jacket or not jacket, they readily accept the children as their own.


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