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January 31, 2013
Star Tell Me Pastor


Fourteen children at age 29

Dear Pastor,

There is a saying that states, "Most poor people breed while the rich men feed." This may sound a little bit unfair, but how many wealthy or rich men have 15 or 16 children?

I know of a girl who has 14 children and she is only 29 years old. Her government cheque is very big. She gets more money as a stay-home mom than any job could have paid her. However, what kind of quality care can those children get when they have so many siblings?


Dear K.,

Some women foolishly talk about having out their lot. However, responsible women know that they should not have children they are unable to support. Neither should these women rely on men to protect them from pregnancy. Many men are very irresponsible and after the sexual fun is over, they walk away. Men do not get pregnant and often they leave the burden of raising children on the women.


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