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February 1, 2013
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Uncle tried to rape me - Teen seeks polygraph to prove allegations
Andre Williams, STAR Writer

In a desperate attempt to prove to her aunt that she was not falsely accusing anyone, a teenager contacted THE WEEKEND STAR seeking a lie-detector test.

The teen is contending that her aunt's husband has made several attempts to rape her and wants to prove this to family members.

Rebecca Ascot, 19, is seeking to prove to an aunt that her husband has been trying to rape her from last year.

She says the latest attempt was made last Saturday on January 26.

"I have been complaining about it for sometime now, but she doesn't seem to believe me and it appears as if I am making trouble," said Ascot.

The accused uncle is a policeman.

Ascot has not reported the matter and explained why. "I want to do the test first to prove I am not telling a lie ... after that I will go to the police with the test as proof," Ascot revealed. "It is not fear (why I have not reported it). Because if I were to report it to the nearest police station it would be out of his division ... I just want to take the test first!"

A relative of Ascot told THE WEEKEND STAR that she does not think the teen is telling a lie.

The relative said: "I was the one she told about what happened on Saturday ... She came to where I was after it happened and relayed the news to me ... I have known the man for a while and is the first I ever hear accusation like this."

The family member continued, "I would love for her to do the lie-detector test and then take the results to her aunt for her to see cause its not really my business ... the only part I play in this is that I am the one who told the aunt, then she went back to Rebecca with argument."

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