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February 2, 2013
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Local artistes support Super Bowl Volkswagen ad

... says they find it humorous


International automobile manufacturer Volkswagen recently released a comedic Super Bowl ad depicting a Caucasian man speaking in Jamaican Patios and taking a more casual approach to life, unlike his fellow employees who appeared to be stressed.

The ad is seen largely as humorous by some viewers, however, others have labelled the ad as being distasteful and racist, citing that the ad makes Jamaicans appear to be less hard-working than other countries.

Veteran ad critic Barbara Lippert, on the 'Today' show, branded the ad as "so racist". However, dancehall artiste Bridgez believes the ad is more of a compliment to Jamaicans.

"I think it is a compliment and a highlight to Jamaica. It's showing positivity. Everybody is in a sad mood and the man is happy and he comes with the Jamaican accent and cheers everybody up. I don't think people should bash it, we should even promote it more," the singjay said.

Local comedian Rohan Gunter says the humour behind the ad flew over the heads of some viewers.

"It should be held as a privilege to see that Volkswagen used Jamaica's accent to promote their 'Feeling Good Campaign'. I found it funny to see a white man trying to talk like Jamaicans. Anybody who has a problem with it, maybe it flew over their heads, because whenever there is a joke, one out of three persons will not get the joke ... but if you don't get the joke nobody will know, just laugh it out man, it's all about intelligence," he said.

The comedian also feels that the critics have done the ad more justice than harm.

"Right now the amount of attention that these critics are giving to the ad, Volkswagen probably don't need Super Bowl any more. Volkswagen should just keep a press conference and highlight the critics who made the ad the number one ad in the world for February 2013," Gunter said.


Other entertainers who have voiced opinions on the ad are Mr Vegas and Sean Paul.

Vegas said via his twitter account, "The people that have a problem with the Volkswagen Super Bowl ad are not Jamaicans. I am a Jamaican and I don't," he tweeted.

While Sean Paul told international website TMZ he did not find the ad offensive.

"It's just entertainment, it's in good taste, and to me it's no different than the Italian accents in The Sopranos or the English accent in Guy Ritchie's movies," he said.

The ad also features reggae icon Jimmy Cliff's single C'Mon Get Happy. The Volkswagen ad already has over four million views on YouTube.com in just four days.

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