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February 2, 2013
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A fruitful journey with the lord

Gladvin Keddo - George Henry


Gladvin Keddo has only one word to describe his walk with God: 'sweet'. Keddo is an evangelist at the Bull Savannah Church of Christ in St Elizabeth as well as director of the Jamaica School of Preaching and Biblical Studies. His walk with Christ began at the age of 16.

He was a youth leader then an evangelist. He has been serving as director of the Jamaica School of Preaching and Biblical Studies since 1979. Keddo believes that his walk with Christ is sweet.

"It is sweet, has its challenges, ups and downs, but it has been extremely fruitful, and it has had a positive effect on my family and my children and has made life very meaningful because my service is not just connected on earth, but is connected in eternity. "

Keddo, although beginning his walk at 16, did not fully commit until he was 18.

"I first met the church and Christ when I was 16. I was a student at Kingston College and a member of Sing Out Jamaica when I met some missionaries who were advisers to the group, and they taught me for two years, and I became a Christian at age 18," said Keddo.

The evangelist, who also serves as a marriage officer, a counsellor, an adviser, and a trainer of preachers, among other things, said he was happy to be part of the work of the Lord, especially as it related to the training of persons to deliver the Gospel of Christ.

He stressed that his work as director of the Jamaica School of Preaching and Biblical Studies was not limited to Jamaica as his institution also trained persons from other parts of the Caribbean and the world.

"We train persons from different countries. In Canada, the United States, Cuba, Belize, Haiti, St Lucia, we are an international school. So our ministry is involved in training men and women for ministry internationally," bragged Keddo.

He stressed that Christianity was an avenue through which one would get a solid foundation for facing the ups and downs of life. Keddo recalled a devastating moment when his wife's father was shot and killed some years ago. He said he and his family were able to face that experience through prayer and drawing close to God.

"The matter of one's relationship with God and one's faith in God is actually a very practical thing. It really helps you in good times and in bad," explained the counsellor.

Keddo stated that of all the areas of church work in which he has been involved, he likes the teaching aspect best. This is so because when he teaches persons, he gives them the opportunity to teach others because it has a multiplier effect.

"I enjoy training preachers. I train persons, and they can go out and have an effect on thousands of persons. In other words, they are almost multiplying your efforts. So the work of training preachers has really given me great satisfaction because those whom I have helped to train are serving in at least 17 different countries right now," said the church leader, whose denomination now has 200 churches in Cuba as a result of the training given to pastors by him and his team of trainers.

Keddo's favourite Bible verse is Romans 8 verse 28. His favourite chorus is The woman of Samaria. He has been married for 38 years to Alva-Mae, a medical doctor. The union has produced two sons, Jared and Bayi, and one daughter, Stacy-Ann. He is also the proud grandfather of two.

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