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February 2, 2013
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Roaches plague buses

JUTC says units treated regularly to control pests

Diandra Grandison, Star Writer

The presence of dust, roaches and other pests on some of the buses in the Jamaica Urban Transit Company's (JUTC) fleet has left some passengers concerned about their health.

The problem of roaches, passengers say is more prevalent on the older white buses. Some passengers add that the insects have been seen scurrying to and fro between the legs of commuters leaving many to be concerned.

Angela, who regularly travels on the JUTC's number 500 route said she has seen roaches on the buses on many occasions. "Yes man a regular ting fi see dem inna di bus not di big ones di teenagers just a run up and down in there."

Suzette, a commuter told THE STAR "the vents in some of the a/c buses stay really bad. Whenever the breeze blow you can see the dust particles flying out of them and affect people sinus," she said.

However, Corporate Communications Manager at the JUTC, Reginald Allen told THE STAR that he is aware of the complaints and concerns of the commuters. He added that the company has taken steps to deal with the problem.

"I do receive complaints from time to time about roaches appearing in the buses, but we do have structured pest control here at the JUTC," he told THE STAR.

He continued, "the buses are scheduled to be cleaned every night and are fumigated monthly, but we fumigate more often if reports surface about particular units."

But Allen was also quick to state that passengers have a major role to play in the roach infestation, as they are the ones who tend to leave food items on the buses.

"Signs are affixed to the buses that state no eating, smoking and drinking but there are passengers who refuse to adhere to these rules, adults and children will eat and stuff the food wrappers in the vents for instance, which would later attract the roaches."

Allen told THE STAR that despite these efforts by the transport company, it is becoming increasingly difficult to monitor passengers.

"It is hard for us to monitor passengers, as you may have noticed, most of the buses have only one person operating them and so it would be difficult for the driver to pay attention to both the road and passengers."

Allen also told THE STAR that the JUTC will be reinforcing the no eating rules to stem the surfacing of roaches.

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