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February 6, 2013
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Noddy Virtue hosts Reggae Salute

Noddy Virtue

Reggae artiste Noddy Virtue recently hosted a stage show in St Elizabeth called Reggae Salute, capitalising on the absence of Tony Rebel's Rebel Salute which moved to St Ann this year.

The names of both shows are very similar, however, Noddy Virtue says 'Salute' is a common word.

According to the artiste, he was simply fulfilling the needs of the people from St Elizabeth.

"They were looking forward for Rebel Salute but it was taken away from them, so they wanted a show to replace it. So I decided to form an alliance with St Elizabeth people to create something that they can look forward to as a family event, and so far it looks good, and we can't wait to continue next year," he said.

Reggae Salute is also held in the same month as Rebel Salute, but Noddy Virtue doesn't think that can be damaging to the success of Rebel Salute.

"I don't even know if Tony Rebel know about the show. But Reggae Salute cyah stop Rebel Salute because one is in St Ann and the other is in St Elizabeth. We would not have Reggae Salute if Rebel Salute was still around and Rebel Salute is still my favourite show. Rebel Salute don't miss me any year because I love family show," he continued.

Different show

"Rebel Salute is Rebel Salute and my show is going to be the first show in Jamaica to be called Reggae Salute. Reggae is a world genre so it must be saluted. If Tony Rebel should have a problem with the salute part of the name, he would also have a problem with the force and the army because they also salute ... but I don't think he will have a problem because he is a good person and he is intelligent. So I don't think it will be a problem. Plus there won't be no clashes with both events because they are both at separate sides of the island," Noddy Virtue said.

THE STAR contacted Tony Rebel for comment. He said Reggae Salute is of no concern to him.

"The name is of no concern to me, it should be a concern to the person that is hosting it. I know of another show called Reggae Salute as well, so I would imagine that it's something that they would have to work out," the If Jah singer said.

Noddy Virtue is gearing up to release a new album called Addiction.

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