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February 6, 2013
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Black Ryno aims for success this year

Black Ryno

Dancehall artiste Black Ryno is aiming to duplicate his 2009 success this year.

The artiste who gained popularity with songs like Diss Di Link, Dolla Coin, Work Hard Every Day and Can I, is already getting regular airplay for his new single Courage, and disclosed that this year is already looking positive.

"The year has been good so far. I am doing a lot of hard work and campaign and just basically doing what needs to be done to make success happen. No man can predict the future but I am trying to do the right things to make it," Black Ryno said. "The reception to the new songs is good. I went to a few parties and when I performed the songs, based on the reception that I received from the people it's a positive look," he added.

The trend for some local DJs is to stop playing young artistes when they break away from their camps. Black Ryno has been a victim of this unofficial boycott since he released the song Mi Lef in 2010, stating that he no longer wanted to be a part of Portmore Empire. However the artiste says since 2013 his airplays have improved.

more airplays

"I have been getting more airplays in 2013 and it's because of the hard work that I have been putting in, it's paying off," the artiste said.

He now plans to improve his visibility by doing more music videos. He is also working on a recording deal with a new label.

"People can just look out for more videos and more songs. I am working with a lot of producers, I have new songs coming out for ZJ Ice, ZJ Diamond, Seanizzle and Good Good records plus nuff more singles. Plus, I am working with Stashment Records now as well. I have two new singles coming out for my artistes Kaliba and DJ Led, so Garrison Records definitely doing new productions too," Black Ryno said.

The artiste is now gearing up for shows in the Caribbean and also looks forward to grace American soil before the conclusion of the year.

"My US visa was not revoked, it just expired. A just me fi just sort out things and deal with business," he added.

Black Ryno can be followed on twitter@rynoDistinger.

"Black Ryno will always be loving his fans despite how things look. Just keep listening to good music and keep searching for good music and you will respect Black Ryno," the artiste said.

I have been getting more airplays in 2013 and it's because of the hard work that I have been putting in.

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