February 6, 2013
Star Features

“ The much vaunted feel-good effect of the millions of dollars worth of VW Super Bowl advert may provide a colourful break, but the impact of the ruthless and determined players in the million-dollar lottery scam .... read more
Flood, fog, frozen meaning, please?

Today's HOT PICK number meaning: FLOWER is for - 32. Ketch de Rake is THE STAR's guide to winning the numbers games. This column is designed to help you understand your life experiences that often hold the secret ...

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LANDLORD AND TENANT - Who should repair leased premises?

In a lease agreements a general covenant to repair does not require the tenant to improve the premises in any way, save in so far as incidentally required as part of repair.

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DNA to prove ... WHICH OF 3 MEN IS DAD?

Last month, THE STAR received great feedback when we published a story about a young man who has doubts about his one-year-old daughter, after he heard that the child's mother was involved with his father and uncle.

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