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February 6, 2013
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DNA to prove ... WHICH OF 3 MEN IS DAD?
Crystal Harrison, Staff Reporter

Last month, THE STAR received great feedback when we published a story about a young man who has doubts about his one-year-old daughter, after he heard that the child's mother was involved with his father and uncle.

So, THE STAR has chosen this interesting story as the winning piece for the month of January, and our team has joined the group of anxious persons anticipating the DNA result.

Twenty-year-old Vincent Adamstold THE STAR yesterday that he is extremely anxious to know the true paternity of the child, and that he worries about the accuracy of the test since his father and his uncle have been implicated.

Adams' ex-lover 21-year-old Jenni Brownein an interview with THE STAR in January had said that she believes the child is for Adams and denied that she was involved with his father and uncle.

Caribbean Genetics (CARIGEN), the only private DNA testing facility on the island, will be conducting the test and they have assured THE STAR that there will be a notable indication in the result if Adams is the father.

However, as the time draws closer to finding out the truth, Browne has been telling THE STAR that she is no longer sure if Adams is the father of the baby girl in question.

"Mi nuh feel no way at all dat di test is going to be done, but on second thought I am not sure because I was involved with my ex-boyfriend at the time," Browne told THE STAR yesterday.

Last month, Browne had said, "My mom use to call me a whore and the other day she tell mi seh I need to find somewhere to live, but God will help me. I am positive that the child belongs to Adams. I don't see why I would want to tell a lie on him."

The former love mates told THE STAR that they met in 2010, after Browne went to spend Christmas holidays with Adams' family.

Adams had given us an account of how his sexual relationship started with Browne

Adams said: We were not in a relationship, but a friend of mine was having a drink out one night and I had too much liquor. All I can remember was that I felt somebody came over me to kiss me and say happy birthday.

Adams also added that he had unprotected sex with Browne that said night.

Browne said: "His dad tried after me but nothing happen. Me and his uncle were very close, but we didn't have sex. Mi did find out that his uncle like my sister, so mi did back off and after dat him did a tell me seh him have feelings for me.

Adams said: That he was further plunged in doubts after he confronted his father about the rumours and his father told him that he was giving him (Adams) the signal, but he wasn't observant enough.

Adams said: Di baby don't look like me, di baby look like my entire family because the baby have big forehead and my father has dat too. If di baby look like me, it could be for my dad too because me and my father look alike.

A struggling customer service representative, Adams said that added to the fact that he lost his bona fide girlfriend as a result of the incident, he is now struggling to support a baby that he is doubtful about.

Names changed

Today, we continue with our buzz-worthy feature, Paternity Puzzle. We have chosen one lucky person for a free DNA test.

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Paternity Puzzle ... Paternity Puzzle ...

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