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February 7, 2013
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Hubby step to bunnaman an wifey

Large up all a mi Tambareen Fambily linky-linky an mi good-so good-so Mixup massive. An propa respek to mi 'Ragashanti in di Mawnin' listeners up ya inna Obama Lan.

Mixup to wi ting ya now. Ketch da one ya:

Hussy Step to Bunnaman an Wifey

A man an him wife a mek life inna di Florida. Dem live inna a nice house, wid cars an bare tings. Dem a live di American dream to di fullest.

Di husband is a man weh touch di road every day fi goh pon di hustling. A him say hard work fi everything weh him have. Di wife have di luxury fi stay home every day while di husband gaan work.

But hear ya now di wife nuh staat dash out har naany gi one likkle man bout di place. Di bunning buil an buil till it become an everyday day ting. As soon as hussy gaan tru di door, a di bunna man dat roll een an a shell dung di man wife wid some propa sort out.

Di bunna man, like a damn eediat, staat to hype bout di ting. Him staat tell everybody bout di woman weh him a joe-grind out. Him walk an a diss up di hussy bout how him a shell out di man wife. Him style up di hussy di most way an talk a bag a show off tings.

Eventually di hussy hear bout how di bunna man a hype - an staat bringle. Him get bex an decide fi move X pon him wife an di bunnaman. One day wen him lef outa him yaad fi work, him jus wait fi a while outa road, an den tek time wappy back pon him ends. Wen him touch down di wife pree say him a fahwud an a try distract him fi gi di bunnaman time fi cut through a window. Di husban pick up di rake an run goh roun a di side a di house wid a piece a 2 bi 4. Him ketch di bunnaman a come tru di window an neva hitch. Right a way him staat sen on di piece a 2 bi 4 pon di bunnaman! Him beat di bunnaman oh so badly soh till him couldn't even come tru di window. Wen di 2 bi 4 a connect di bunnaman an crazy pain a sen on, him fly back eena di house. Di husban den jus run goh roun a di front a di house, goh tru di front door, PICK UP HIM GUN, an den rush di bunnaman.

Di husband tell di bunnaman say him a goh beat him but dat if him mek any noise him a goh shoot him kill him. Di bunnaman staat beg fi mercy an bare tings. But di husband neva kya, him jus staat beat di bunnaman wid him gun. Him beat di bunnaman bad, bad, bad! Beat out badmind outa him nastiniss!! Mash him up wicked!

Wen di husband done him tell di bunnaman say him mus come siddung out pon di verandah wid him, an den him order him wife fi cook food fi everybady. Wen di wife done cook everybady eat dem food. Afta dat di husband tell him wife fi pack all har tings. Wen she done di husband tell di bunnaman say him can leave now but dat him haffi bring di wife wid him.

An jus like dat, di husban discipline di wife an di bunnaman an get rid a dem.

All mi haffi say is dis mi talk it nuff time aready an mi a goh rinse it again nuh man nuh fi git up gaan a work an lef him wife siddung a yaad a naa do nuttin every day!!! Dat is jus a prescription fi trouble. Any woman inna da position deh a goh end up a get inna trouble by eeda a fass too much inna people bisniz, a do too much shopping, a goh weh she nuh fi goh, a watch too much soap opera, a run up phone bill, a mix wid di wrong company, or a get inna some form a crasses wen di everyday boredom an depression tek har.

An all man fi know say if him gaan a work every day an lef him woman a yaad naa do nuttin, dat people a goh RATE him as a good man but if a woman goh work everyday an lef har man a yaad naa do nuttin, dem a goh cuss di man an done him say him lazy an wukliss.

Man fi wuk!! An woman fi wuk too!! A dat me say!!

Mi done talk fi now.

Bless up unuself till Tuesday wen mi fahwud, same place ya soh.

Do road.

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