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February 7, 2013
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"This column is a no-judgement zone where mi jus talk mi mind and give mi advice!" Please note that I've highlighted the fact that PEOPLE WILL CHEAT not just MEN, as cheating in my opinion is not gender specific!

Now that I've got your attention with the topic let's get straight to it!

Why are we so obsessed with finding answers as to why our partners cheat?

Why aren't we more focused on what to do after our partner has cheated?

Despite our titles: man, woman, wife or husband, we all have one thing in common WE ARE ALL HUMAN! This means there is always the possibility for error.

Cheating is in the mind of the beholder! This means that we all have different definitions as to what cheating 'truly' is!

The act of cheating ranges from emotional, textual (written), physical and I wouldn't even begin fi start talk bout di elements the Internet has to offer!

hurt and disappointment

The truth is, when entering a relationship always have an open mind, to the possibility of various things happening and that may just include being cheated on. With an open mind, the effect of hurt and disappointment isn't as harsh because you haven't fooled yourself into thinking that relationships are perfect!

After we dig and search, becoming a reality version of Matlock, finally getting the reason as to why our partner cheated does that change the fact that they have cheated?

If our partners confess a reason as to why they cheated, does that change the fact that they have cheated?

If they have apologised for cheating, does that change the fact that they have cheated?

Are you convinced that if you break up with your partner for cheating that automatically means it won't/can't happen in your next relationship?

No! So what is truly important is to decide how to move forward. Now even doa our partner will possibly mek a mistake, dat nuh mean yuh muss allow nobbadi fi tek liberty wid yuh! Because mi naah give no man di opportunity fi tek mi as nuh doormat, afta mi nuh frighten! So you have to teach people how to treat you! Remember your power! If your partner cheated on you, step away from the situation and decide if the relationship is worth it.

Take time (nuh mek nobaddi rush yuh) to decide if that person is still worth being your partner!

At the end of the day we just all need to keep it real with ourselves!

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