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February 7, 2013
Star Tell Me Pastor


Living with a mama's boy
Dear Pastor,

My problem is with my mother-in-law. I am with her son, but he is not standing up to his mother or behaving like a man. She has the final word in everything he does. He is not living with her. He is living with me, but she still controls whatever he does. And if she doesn't agree, he doesn't go through with it. His mother is a very hard woman to please.

Sometimes we invite her over for dinner and she is always critical of what I cook and she is not afraid to tell me how she feels about my cooking. My boyfriend and I are not married. We planned our wedding and my boyfriend told her about it. She told him that he should wait until he buys a house. I didn't say anything. I didn't make her wiser because most of the money to buy the house is coming from my side of the family. He doesn't abuse me, but whenever I talk to him about his mother, he defends her, even when she is wrong. She calls him every day and sometimes for no reason at all.

Please tell me how I can get my mother-in-law out of my life. I am tired of her.


Dear C.F.,

You will not get this woman out of your life, so learn to live with her. Don't say anything negative about her to your man. Remember, she is his mother. Whenever she makes suggestions, say yes ma'am, but that does not mean that you have to follow what she says. You are a grown woman and you ought to be fully in charge of your home.

I am sure that this woman believes that what she is doing is in the best interest of her son. So, try to live in peace with her. Whenever she comes to the house, treat her well and don't reject any suggestion she makes. Men love when their women get along well with their mothers. Therefore, from time to time, suggest that she comes with you to a play, etc. If you use common sense, this woman will love you to death. She wouldn't want to hear that her son has another woman.


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