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February 9, 2013
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Sanjay video too hot for TV?

Sanjay - File

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

With a music video that is a little bit too risqué for free-to-air TV, dancehall artiste Sanjay Ramanand has taken on the task of re-editing the video for Bad Up Di Luvy.

The artiste, who is known for songs like Man Of My Words and Lonely, said the music video for his recent song will not make its way on to TV unless it is redone.

He said the video was done by his company Portland Cottage Production and Synk#1.

"It was my idea. I didn't just want to do a regular beach video, I wanted to do it with a twist. When doing it, I just wanted to capture the fun. At the time, I was focusing more on that," he told THE STAR.

"At the time, I wasn't thinking in terms of TV broadcast, but in hindsight it could have been toned down."

While the response from the YouTube viewers to the dance-filled video has been good, "TVJ couldn't air it because of the content. CVM said the same thing and that I need to re-edit it," he said.

And when compared to some other raunchy videos that have made their way on to TV, Ramanand says he does not believe the reactions from the TV stations to his music video are unjustified.

"I think the fact that they were in bikinis, it may seem a little worse. I don't think I am being treated unfairly. RE TV and Hype TV didn't have a problem, but it is different with free-to-air TV," he told THE STAR.

But still hell-bent on getting the video on TV, Ramamand said he will be re-editing the video using some of the unused footage. This, he said, should be done by the end of the week and ready for TV by next week.

In addition, he said he has already shot the follow-up video for Bad Up Di Luvy called Wine Like You Love Me. He has also done a song with Tanya Stephens called Corners that will appear on her upcoming album.

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