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February 9, 2013
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Children should be exposed to God's way

Almin Williamson-Reid - George Henry


Several Christians believe that all children should be exposed to the way of the Lord from an early age. Almin Williamson-Reid, Sunday school secretary and praise and worship leader at the Spaldings New Testament Church of God in Clarendon is one person who shares that view.

"It is important because when this happens they get perfect guidance, and in these troubled times when children are treading on the wrong path and the guidance that they are getting from external forces are not the ones you would want them to get, being a Christian they would have been treading on the right path. When you start early, it allows for that," noted Williamson-Reid.

She added that when children get started with Christ early their academic performance and overall discipline improves. She stressed that success for them will come because they would rely on their Saviour for direction and guidance.

"Once you know you are doing your school work and you allow the Lord to direct you, then it certainly will filter out in your school performance. Added to that, there are times when persons will go on fasting and prayer, and these are some of the things which the Christian students will pray for," said the Sunday school secretary.

She added that once students are firm in their Christian beliefs and stand up for the Lord, they would most definitely see success in their academic performance.

Williamson-Reid, who gave her life to the Lord at 18, said it is not easy for young people who have been converted to the Christian faith to remain saved in these days, because of the numerous attractions that they have around them.

"It is difficult because of the many attractions that they have around them. However, if they make up their mind they can follow that path and live for Christ to the end. It is important to note that even among their peers, children might have even one person who is a Christian, but the majority is not saved. Therefore, you have to be firm and strong not to be caught up in their trap, in order to continue on the Christian pathway," said Williamson-Reid.

The praise and worship leader, who has been a member of church for over 15 years, admitted that her life as a Christian has its challenges, but that she has been able to overcome them by praying and fasting regularly and applying the word of God. She pointed out that with that combination she has been able to make it with Christ.

When she surrendered her life, she said it happened because of the kind of environment in which she grew up. She said her parents were, and still are strong Christians; her father being a deacon and her mother involved in preaching and so she had no choice but to follow their footsteps.

Williamson-Reid's favourite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13. She explained that it has impacted her life as manifested in the many challenges God has helped her overcome. Her favourite chorus is 'I cannot find a way without Him'.

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