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February 9, 2013
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Cops probe if ... Man shot over $10 game

The community of Unity in west rural St Andrew is now tense after a dispute over a $10 wager left one man nursing gunshot wounds and another in custody.

It is reported that about two weeks ago, a man, who residents say is a prominent member of the community and another man were playing a game of cards.

It is said the men were playing a game called $10 gamble where there is a $10 wager per game. It is reported that during the game, both men got into an heated argument following which weapons were reportedly brought into play.

According to eyewitnesses, both men were playing a game that was dominated by constant word throwing between them and threats being made.

THE STAR understands that things took a turn for the worse after one of the player's took out his knife and threatened to harm another. It is alleged that a gun was brandished and the man was shot in the stomach.

The police were subsequently called in and the alleged community leader taken into custody and reportedly charged by the Lawrence Tavern police.

"Word on the ground is that they were gambling and that was the cause of the altercation. However, the police are still doing their own investigations and then we will make our own assessment. I cannot say further, however, anyone with information can come in and speak with us," a police source at the station said.

He is scheduled to appear in court soon to answer to the charges.

Our news team gathered that a shop owned by the brother of the resident who was shot, was also set ablaze hours after the incident transpired.

This has left many community folks speculating that things may escalate even further.

A resident said, "gambling is a game weh always bring dispute, anybody weh too aggressive nuh fi gamble. It just sad how things got out of hand, thankful nobody never dead cause at first many did think him dead. We jus a watch di vibes ya now cause di year start out a way ina Unity, we have to go try we best and build back the Unity."

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