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February 12, 2013
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POLICEMAN FALLS FOR MOTORIST - Gives woman ticket and love note


A policeman who could not resist his attraction to a female motorist he issued a ticket to some time ago, confessed his admiration for her in a love note moments after the matter was settled in The Traffic Court.

THE STAR understands that the love note written in poetic prose was delivered to the motorist by a messenger, as she exited the court recently after she had paid her fine. As the woman left the premises, she was approached by a messenger who handed her a note.

The note was complemented with the cop's name and cell number.

It has since been uploaded to Facebook and has been garnering amusing comments from readers.

The note reads "If beauty was a drop of rain, then girl you would be a hurricane. I'm enthused to ask you for the opportunity to express my elations in getting to know you ...".

Clarke, Smith and Smalling were three users of the social networking site who offered comments.

Clarke posted: "Hmm, I thought this is what women want. A man with good approach and lyrics? Give the officer a chance man (that is if you're not taken)."

Smith posted: "Dem don't have a life, a so de police them stay." Meanwhile, Smalling posted: "When you've got it, you've got it girl, lol."

On the other hand, the motorist who is being pursued appeared more frustrated than amused as she commented: "Police charge mi fi ticket, mek mi end up a court, and end up writing me love note?? Tell me now Fada God."

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