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February 14, 2013
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Klaffy brain woman

Bless up all a mi Tambareen Fambily an mi good-so good-so Mixup massive. Mi hope di 2013 a gwaan good fi unu so far. Big up all who have dem owna man an dem owna woman, an big up all who a borrow man an who a borrow woman.

Mix-up time ya now:

Klaffy Brain Woman

Raga, this sweet ... This busman have him gud gud wife live a yard wid. Him have baby a road weh she never know bout, till the out-a-road babymother contact har cuz him nah mine the youth. Now from that day she tell har, Raga, every three weeks she a find out bout a new woman weh him deh wid. Him deh wid some fi five years and some fi three. And dem a tek care a him. Wen she confront him wid all pictorial evidence, Raga, the man say a lie, and that a people a tell lie pon him. Wen she get in details wid the woman dem, boy Raga, mi would a chop him up bad.

Now the wife a say the woman dem a idiot, and I'm now still trying to understand on wat grounds she can a say dat. Mi think she a the idiot in a all this, cuz him basically live a dem yard to enoh. Him have him own place so wen him no go in him just tell har him gone up a him yard.

Mi have fi laugh. Raga, give a man that much space yu gonna have people to full the space. My thing is how can she still have this man sleeping in her bed, apologising and every time he does so, a woman pop up? The woman dem even a sen har the message dem weh him sen to dem, how him love dem. One all put out him things dem. She a say him love har and she a run him and him nah go nowhere really.

Bwoy, a bare confusion inna da mix-up ya. But one ting is clear, di bredda is a big time playa-playa. A him say 'gyal inna bungle'. But hear wa a gwaan, if da woman ya can a get so many calls from different different woman, an also a get him text dem weh him a tell dem him love dem, an afta all a dem tings deh still reach a point weh she believe seh all a dem woman deh a eediat, den yuh really need fi lowe har mek she gwaan bare weh she waan bare. In truth, she know exactly weh she inna an waan continue inna it. Wen so much evidence tumble dung pon smaddy an dem still a ignore dem, there is really nuttin you can do. Lou har, she a jus one a dem women deh weh love man weh have nuff woman an lie bout it. She woulda probably bored an unhappy if she get a good man weh devoted to har an only want har. A jus fi har ting dat.

Crazy Question

Raga, me an mi man always try new things. But couple weeks now him waan put this big iron pipe up in mi. Raga, mi fraid. Should I try it?

Gyal a weh di mumma claat yuh a ask mi seh??!! Yuh a eediat??!! Man can waan push up big ole iron inna yuh an yuh a ask if yuh fi dweet??!! Jeezas have mercy!!! No. Massa God di mercy. An gi it to da woman ya who a write mi. Cause she is a perfect example of smaddy who naa use di brain weh dem have. Wait, dat a if she have a brain.

Awright - Miss Lady, assuming yuh have a brain, here's Raga's advice. Nuh dweet!! Don't do it!! Doan dweet!! All inna Spanish.

No lo haga!!! Don't mek nuh man push any big ole iron up inna yuh!!

A hope dat was clear enuff. Cause mi nuh know why yuh even a THINK fi mek di man go batta-batta yuh poor likkle chun-chun dem way deh. Cho!

But one ting is clear, di bredda is a big time playa-playa. A him say 'gyal inna bungle'. But hear wa a gwaan, if da woman ya can a get so many calls from different different woman.

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