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February 14, 2013
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TWITTER USERS ATTACK MP - Angered by his comments about gay artiste
Diandra Grandison, Star Writer

Social media was abuzz on Sunday during the broadcast of the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, following a comment made by Member of Parliament (MP) for North Western St Ann, Dr Dayton Campbell, on social networking site Twitter.

Dr Campbell, while watching the awards ceremony, tweeted his reaction to R&B artiste Frank Ocean accepting an award. Ocean had last year disclosed that he had once been involved in a homosexual relationship.

The MP tweeted "Frank Ocean man fi have ooman pon dem mind. How di hell man end up on your mind massah?? Bob done tell you say man to man is so unjust!!!"

Dr Campbell was making reference to Ocean's hit single Thinking About You which is allegedly about his male lover.

His tweet, however, made many of his followers and other, Twitter users see red, as they felt he was insinuating negativity against homosexuals, while others argued that as a holder of a public office, he should be making more relevant comments.

"Really?? Dayton Campbell doan have NO other contribution to make to Twitter than a Frank Ocean comment? When di dollar is 95 for ONE USD?" said one Twitter user.

Another user posted, "I hope the Jamaican social media space makes this a teachable moment for a Jamaican politician. Dr Campbell, your hate will not be condoned."

While another user stated "Sista P would a shame a him. But she's busy working, working, working."

Dr Campbell told THE STAR that it was a misunderstanding.

"They took a different interpretation of what was said, in my tweet I was talking about the content of the music, and the message that is being sent by the artiste. I was not attacking anyone's sexual orientation."

When asked if he thinks this blunder will affect his political future, he told THE STAR with fervour, "Absolutely not! I do not think it will have any impact at all, but if it should, my head will be bloody but unbowed."

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