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February 18, 2013
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What is hype?

Bwoy, di way mi deh a road of late pon di RJR Cross Country Invasion, unnu barely a hear from mi. But fret not unnu self, mi deh yah fluffy and well an jus' a gwaan put in di work.

It amazes me everytime when mi go inna Jamaica how di people dem tek on to mi, and mi naa lie, it mek mi feel good inna mi soul fi know me have unnu support, so all when some gully mullet an grazmite a chat, mi naa hear dem! Humility mi a go thru wid and mi love u if yuh love me and if yuh no like mi, a baaaaaay mek a me neva like yuh first!

Yuh have some dutty-mind people who love jump an talk bout other people hype an naa look pon demself. The moment dem cyaan ketch yuh fi use yuh, class yuh, put yuh down and abuse yuh dem seh yuh hype! As soon as yuh stand up fi yuh right and stand up fi yuhself and no allow dem fi treat yuh like doormats dem seh yuh hype! As soon as yuh add on pon yuh house or yuh carry yuhself clean dem seh yuh hype! If dem waa tun leech and parasite inna yuh life yuh hype, yet dem neva see how dem mind bad yet!

Really and truly, wat is "HYPE"? I think it's an overused, often misused terminology that when people cyaa get the best a yuh dem jus drop in dat. More time a because dem vocabulary limited dem just draw fi dat. If yuh believe inna yuhself and try hold up yuh head yuh hype, and if dem used to bad-mouth yuh and seh yuh naa come to nutten and yuh rise like the pheonix and put dem to shame dem seh yuh hype!

Mi no really response weh some sallybug waa seh cause at the end of the day if some people a hype bout wah dem "lower regions" gi dem mi no see why people cyaan feel proud a demself when dem go out, work hard and earn dem honest bread. Nuff a di people dem who like fi carry wrong news and put down and class people, jus' tek a good look inna dem mouth how in deh dark like when yuh drop dymanite inna rockstone hole! Cause when dem a spread di poison bout people a so dem mouth all smell like when abssess buss!

tangible evidence

Mi come fi realise seh people will seh people hype, especially when dem no think you deserve certain things. It's ok for some people to have a swag an talk up, but when others do the same thing its not ok. Yuh deh a yuh work an yuh get a promotion, all of a sudden dem start chat ... "Watch har, she get hype yuh see"! and want beat yuh most bout dis hype thing when yuh ask dem "wah she hype wid?" or "how him hype pon yuh?" they cannot give any tangible evidence whatsoever.

Of course, there are people who are disrespectful and narcissistic but more time when dem talk seh smaddy hype a basket dem a give di people dem fi carry water! Truth be told di same smaddy weh dem a hate pon if dem did have dem life and an can do di tings dem, dem woulda dweet to an do worst!

Mi hear a girl a dun a next one how she get hype chu she do har breast. She talk a crocus bag a tings bout di miss and her new blue movie star breast an from mi hear how she a talk seh di girl hype mi know a hate she a hate. So mi ask her seh if she did have di money if she wouldnt dweet to, to which she said yes.

Mi ask her so how she a seh di girl hype, she say cause from she get dem she a walk different and she jus' a hustle up di money fi do fi her own dem to! Mi nearly pop up! Clearly di girl may or may not be "hype" fi true but the point is, she wish she did have di money so she coulda "hype" too.

Self-praise without arrogance should be the first recommendation because if yuh no stand up for yuhself most people will feed you to the wolves. Never step on people or put people down but it can't be ok fi some and not for others cause yuh have some people wid 10 million skeletons inna dem closet and dem waa dun yuh and yuh mustn't dun dem! Cuh pon dem to! Yuh nuh smaddy pickney?


'Self-praise without arrogance should be the first recommendation because if yuh no stand up for yuhself most people will feed you to the wolves.'

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