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February 19, 2013
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Dr Michael Abrahams - File

Comedian Dr Michael Abrahams has parodied the controversial Volkswagen commercial ad by adding a new comedic stance plus social commentary to the storyline. The ad, called Miserable Jamaican, depicts a man who is simply unhappy with his salary and the poor conditions of local roads.

Dr Abraham said he wanted to flip the script, since some persons were complaining that the original Volkswagen ad was racist. The VW ad features Dave, a white man from Minnesota in the US speaking in a Jamaican accent. The fact that Dave used a Jamaican accent did not go down too well in some quarters as persons thought the ad was racist.

The comedian therefore used the miserable man as a sarcastic representation of a Jamaican who was unhappy with his life. The comedian hopes by comparing both ads, Jamaicans will eventually see the positives of the original Volkswagen ad.

symbols of Jamaica

"My wife and I went to the States and I got some time to free my mind and get some thoughts together for a week. I was watching a morning TV show and they were discussing the Volkswagen ad, and I was laughing because I found it funny. It was just amazing how the ad said nothing about Jamaica nor showed any symbols of Jamaica, yet a man simply spoke and people saw Jamaica as a result. Out of so many countries in the world our accent stands out. When people said it was racist I was upset because I didn't see where it was racist," he said.

According to Dr Abrahams, the island has got much negative publicity in recent times and it was good to see a positive portrayal by an international company.

"I would rather see Jamaica portrayed in a manner that is happy than to see us portrayed as being aggressive. So I decided that since some people don't want to see images of a happy Jamaica, I would create one to show miserable Jamaica - in a sarcastic way," he continued.

social meaning

"We have gotten a lot of bad press in the past. So the Volkswagen ad is a positive thing and I think people appreciate the concept and understand what I was trying to say, I also want to say thanks to everybody who helped me on the project," he said.

The Miserable Jamaican Volkswagen ad now has over 40,000 views on YouTube.com and the doctor hopes viewers will not only grasp the comedic element of the clip, but also the food for thought.

"I am a social commentator; the majority of my work has a deep social meaning and message. Laughter is good for your health, so people just need to lighten up. I have a lot of new things to work on because the last few weeks have been flooding with information. As long as there is news, there is work. So much thanks to the journalists and to the politicians who keep doing nonsense for us to make commentary about," he laughed.

Fans of Dr Abrahams can look forward to commentaries on the Oscar Pistorius situation, the $16 billion tax bill among others.

He is also slated to perform at up-and-coming events like Poetry in Motion, Comedy Café at South Beach Café and JN Vibe on TVJ on Mondays starting 9:30 p.m.

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