February 19, 2013
Star Features

Coping with classroom challenges
“We have often heard the saying that the work of a teacher is not an easy one as teaches face several challenges in the teaching and learning environment. One of these is the poor behaviour of students..... read more
Satan Juju Skettel!!

Tambareen Fambily big up unu self. A large all linky-linky weh lock een pon di mix-up dem ova mixupyaad.com. A mix-up we say straight!! Awright, hear da mix-up ya now weh tek place between up ya inna Obama Lan an down inna wi good-up good-up...

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Romance (or lack thereof), Jamaican Style

When we hear the word romance, most of us think of the cliché - flowers, chocolate, candlelight, or soft music.

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