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February 19, 2013
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A woman who was employed to take care of an elderly woman was fired from her job last week after money that was missing was allegedly recovered from her panty.

THE STAR understands that the woman who worked as a caregiver at an upscale St Andrew home left the job in disgrace after only four months wearing handcuffs after a police team was summoned to the premises.

A source told our news team that "The big boss forward home and left his money on his dresser. Him left some $500 bills and some $1,000 bills lying around."

"Him left the room to take a shower, but when he returned to check his money, he realised that one of the $500 bills was missing and some of the $1,000 bills were also missing."

THE STAR understands the man immediately questioned the caregiver about the whereabouts of his money but she appeared ignorant.

"He then called her into his room to ask what happened to his money but she told him that she didn't come into the room and take anything," the source emphasised.

Jesus name

The employer reportedly told the lady that he would seek the assistance of the police because "I know that I left money here, and I know money cannot dress up and walk."

Interestingly, "The helper bawl down Jesus name pon him saying she had nothing to do with it, and swear that she didn't take his money," the source added.

A team from the St Andrew Central Police Division including a female officer was later dispatched to the home where the female cop conducted a search of the caregiver.

It was reported that the money was later recovered from the caregiver's panty during the search.

She was then taken away by cops but not before she was terminated from her job by her boss.

The police officer on duty at the station where the accused was taken was unable to say if the woman was charged at the time of our enquiry last night.

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