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February 22, 2013
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Andre' Williams, STAR Writer

A shocking video entitled 'Man Set on Fire in Jamaica', portraying images of a male who was set ablaze in Montego Bay, St James, earlier this year has gone viral making the rounds on several social media platforms.

The mini clip, timing 26 seconds, graphically displays several persons making repeated attempts to diffuse the blaze that engulfed a desperate individual who was also seemingly trying to rid himself of the flames.

The incident was reported to have taken place in an area called 'Clock' on Barnett Street, Montego Bay. Although nobody was able to publicly say how the man, known only as 'Keniel', was set ablaze, there have been speculations that it stemmed from a dispute in a love triangle.

Unconfirmed reports are that the persons involved have been in contention for sometime and that many warned them not to allow the issues to fuel out of control, however, that apparently fell on deaf ears.

In the video, which was posted earlier this month, one can hear clearly the screams of many concerned bystanders questioning and shouting, "A who set him a fire?", "A who light him?" and "him dead!?".

The drama also caused a pile-up of traffic as several motorists paused watching the incident in the busy roadway.

In the end, a bucket of water as well as a fire extinguisher were used by two men who assisted with putting out the blaze.

The video, which is being shared heavily via Facebook, has drawn the ire of several persons who left comments ranging from one word to several sentences narrating their disapproval.

Zeletia Curtello said, "Mankind is so wicked, who ever did this will pay".

Another person, Patricia Sandford said, "OMG!!!! unoo serious somebody really light the brother a fire? Jesus come now come rescue wi."

In one word, viewer Hondo Olatunde stated, "Tragic!!!".

There were also viewers who sought to shed some light on where the incident took place and the outcome.

MoBay's Lincoln said, "That's at Clock in Montego Bay and it's the fire extinguisher kill him".

When contacted about the video and the incident in which the man died, THE WEEKEND STAR was told by the Constabulary Communication Network that the St James police had no report of the incident.

THE WEEKEND STAR following a request, subsequently sent a link of the video to the police communication arm.

The officer who assisted our news team in locating where the incident took place later responded by saying, "We have made checks with police control and Area 1 and they have no report whatsoever on the incident".

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