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February 22, 2013
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Heated dispute - Man accused of setting car on fire returns to court

Christopher Thomas, STAR Writer


A St James man, who admitted to setting another man's car on fire following a dispute, is to return to the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate's Court for sentencing on April 5.

Jason Barnaby, from Montego Bay, pleaded guilty to malicious destruction of property. It is reported that, on January 23, he poured gasoline on Courtney Cooke's car and set it ablaze.

Barnaby was offered $100,000 bail.

"Why did you do that, Mr Barnaby? What did he do to you?" Resident Magistrate (RM) Sandria Wong-Small asked the defendant.

me and dem 'ketch up'

"He didn't do anything specifically, but the house in front of my house, me and dem 'ketch up' and him get involved," said Barnaby.

"So you operate on the basis that 'if you can't catch quashie, you catch his shirt'? He got involved in the argument, in what way?" asked RM Wong-Small.

"The whole of them ganged up and damaged my house," Barnaby explained.

Meanwhile, Cooke told the court that the windscreen and front section of his car had been damaged, and it would cost approximately $70,000 to repair.

"So now you realise you'll have to pay back the man for the damage to his car," RM Wong-Small quipped to the defendant.

Barnaby was advised to return with some money to pay the cost of the damage to Cooke's car on April 5, at which time the complainant is also to return with a mechanic's assessment and cost estimation.

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