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February 23, 2013
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Ragashanti, Squeeze fallout


...Talk show host seeks new 'home' again


When Jamaican radio personality Dr Kingsley 'Ragashanti' Stewart moved to LinkUp Radio 93.5 FM in New York last year, this was good news for his huge and desirable fanbase.

However, after alleged fallouts with the LinkUp manager David 'Squeeze' Annakie, the 'mix-up King' has decided to once again remove his brand from another working environment.

Reports are that Ragashanti handed in his resignation to the radio station's manager, citing that he no longer wants to be a part of the entity.

Ragashanti joined LinkUp Radio last year after Bro Gary, the previous host of the show, had left. The show appeared to be growing in popularity as a result of the new collaboration; however, Ragashanti has decided to step on the brakes.

In a lengthy post, Ragashanti took to his website Ragashanti.com saying, "After numerous attempts to control and exploit me to make money, I made it known at all times that I am primarily a broadcaster and that I do not want my image or likeness to be exploited in ways I don't see fit. I also made it known that I don't need anyone to 'manage' or to channel me in arenas I consider unethical."

moneymaking machine

He continued, "I also did not want to be so obsessively focused on money that I would be callously exploiting my fellow Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals. This wasn't received well by those who told me I could be the 'biggest moneymaking machine' for their company. This then led to multiple and unending manipulations for me to change my mind. They were unsuccessful. Then the pettiness increased in a manner aimed at trying to 'draw me out' to do something rash so that they could sue me and demolish me. Again, they were not successful. It was under this climate that I thought it best to resign," Ragashanti said.

He also alleges that Mr Annakie sought to copyright his (Ragashanti's) name, "... which would mean he would totally own all the monetary value and income associated with 'Ragashanti'. I wouldn't be able to do any shows or events with my name. All recordings of shows with references of my name could not be sold by me. I wouldn't be able to do anything as Ragashanti in the future. I would have been totally stripped of my entertainment identity. Ragashanti wouldn't be able to make money as Ragashanti," he said.

He also posted a screen shot taken from Mr Annakie's Facebook page in which he admitted to a fan who asked if he tried to copyright Ragashanti's name.

Annakie replied "Yes, it is standard to protect all brands associated with a company to avoid legal issues. It is of no significance anymore because the relationship has ended and he has been released."

Efforts to get a follow-up comment from both Ragashanti and Squeeze were, however, unsuccessful.

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