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February 25, 2013
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IMF alone can't save we!

Most a we a sharpen we teet fi di IMF deal sign and even though we are a step closer to the official signing, we know seh di deal alone naa go save we.

A bag a people tink seh when it sign we ago be on the way to glory, but dat is just the first of many steps we need to take to redeem ourselves from the trenches of debt that the country is in. It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge dat nuff a di problem weh we a face now is because of the gross mismanagement and corruption of Jamaica's finances by successive governments, and now is the time fi people stop cheer fi dis 'P' and dat 'P'!

pure freeloaders

The only 'P' weh fi concern we right now is Performance, cause a dat ago mek di ting work. Another 'P' that needs to be brought to order is the People. Memba, no matta wah sign and wah do, unless we have a workforce and people who a deal wid progress the country ago pop dung. It no mek sense fi sign a deal an pure freeloaders deh bout. Everybody inna dem own likkle way haffi rise to the occasion and mek we work pon one accord.

Nuff people a blame di Govern-ment fi all dat is wrong and though dem fi get a beating, some a who a cast di blame want a big lick to! Dem a di one who stress the system the most yet contribute di least. Dem no wuk no weh, dem no pay not one tax, dem no contribute to di education tax, dem no do a blasted ting. All dem do is tek tek tek and come in like some siren, "We waa, we waa"! Some people never wuk a day inna dem life yet dem a blame di system and naa see how dem a contribute to the bankruptcy a di country.

It unfair fi some have a bag a pickney weh dem cyaa maintain and cyaa provide for, yet it is everybody else business fi tek care a dem and mek sure dem get everyting. Afta a no we an dem di hookings did sweet! We need fi tek responsibility fi we actions and as mi granny woulda seh, if cow no know how him back part set dont swallow orange ball!

Though the leaders must and should lead by example, we haffi start set a pattern of being industrious and accountable so dem know seh once dem start slip dem ago slide! We need fi cut down pon di amount a imports of foodstuff from all over di place. We no have it. Mek we support we own and stop live above we means.

Time fi di man dem who a wear tight pants tek dem off and put on some work pants and go look dem honest bread. Put down di bleaching cream an tek up a book or a shovel or write a résumé and go look wuk! Di gal dem who tink dem vagina is the ansa an lazy an jus' waa depend pon man, try go get a skill and do someting positive cause to how di place a run yah now no price no too deh pon "di nash" no more.

Mi really need the Government fi look back pon the di whole student loan tax weh dem waa impose pon we cause, from my understanding, it sound unfair. The student loan which was established to be revolving loan for persons who want to further dem education, can't now be the responsibility of some people who never even graduate from high school and a work. Put stringent measures in place fi mek sure seh who get loan pay it back an if it haffi go as far as making it a criminal offence for non-payment, so be it. An fi di people dem who benefit from it an naa pay back and can afford to do so, shame pon unnu.


The bureau need fi work wid di labour ministry and maybe foreign affairs so that when these students leave school jobs are available so dem can wuk an pay back di loan. An maybe we haffi go look into providing loans only for areas relevant to the advancement of our country. And then smaddy need fi hold di big boss dem to task if it naa run right. Em cyaa jus cock up inna big office an a collect big pay an naa do nutten. Who a manage di manager? We haffi shake up we folly grounds or it a go worst for generations to come.

Big-up to di gentleman who compliment mi pon mi back. Him seh mi back clean, sexy and him like how it defined! Wooiiee ... mi back, mi back, mi back, mi nice clean back! Thanks Mr B ... respect!

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