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February 28, 2013
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Dawg gift mix-up

Mixup big up to all a mi Tambareen Fambily an mi Mix Up massive. An propa respek to all mi peeps ova mixupyaad.com. Unu jus a tun up di mix-up dem soh.

Mix-up time.

Dawg Gift Mix-up

Mix up big up to di woman who do delivery fi a company inna New York. She goh deliver products a one boasy building inna di city. Wen she goh inna di elevator fi goh downstairs she feel a likkle dawg a lick off har foot nuff nuff. Wen she look down she see a dawg weh look very familiar. Di dawg look like one weh she did gi har ex-man who she bruk up wid three months ago. Di woman who have di dawg an pull weh di dawg cause she tink di dawg a offend di delivery woman.

But di delivery woman decide fi look pon di dawg really, really good, an di more she look di more she convince seh a di same dawg weh she did gi har ex-man. Soh she decide fi use har head an psyches out di woman wid di dawg. She say wat a sweet dawg, an ask di woman where she bought him. Di woman tell har say is not a 'him' is a 'har', and dat is har boyfren gi har di dawg.

Wen di delivery woman hear say a har boyfren gi har di dawg har brain light up. Di delivery woman den say dats nice an ask har di name. Di woman say she call har Amy, in remembrance a har sista weh pass away, but dat har boyfren insist fi call har poo-poo. Wen di delivery woman hear dat she nearly pass out!! Cause a da same name deh she did gi di dawg!! She say she nuh say nuttin afta dat, but jus wait until she an di woman reach outside a di building. Wen dem outside she jus grab di dawg an run goh inna har van wid it! She see di woman stan up deh inna shock!! A wen she a drive off she hear di woman staat scream fi Amy!

De delivery woman den sen a text to har ex-man an tell him say she have di dawg. She neva hear fram di man until inna di night, wen him text har back an tell har him hear wa happen an dat him want meet wid har fi collect back di dawg. She tell him say him damn brite an dat if him even did waan pay fi di dawg she still wouldn't gi him back. She tell him say she tink a disrespek fi him goh gi him new woman a dawg weh she did gi him fi a gift. But di man argue back say as long as she gi him di gift, di gift was his fi do what he pleases, an dat it shouldn't matta if him new woman a walk di dawg. But she argue say it wouldn't matta to har if she did jus a walk har man dawg - but dat a did a violation wen di woman say dat har boyfren gi har as a gift. A did gift paat bada har. She jus tink dat it did wicked fi she did gi har ex-man a gift an him tun roun an gi him new woman di same gift as a gift. She say dat wrong!

Di ex-man an him woman neva see AMY again - or mi shoulda say Poo-Poo.


See unu Tuesday same place ya soh. Bless.

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