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February 28, 2013
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"This column is a no-judgement zone where mi jus talk mi mind and give mi advice!"

Dem seh good friend better dan pocket money. But to me, a better friend is one who helps you mek some pocket money!

There are times in life when people will take your kindness for granted and sometimes those people are your friends.

Times hard! Money short! Jobs non-existent! Pickney need feed! Yes, Yes, mi understand all ah dat but mi still want back mi money.

I have no problem lending money to my friends, or giving money for that fact. But don't tell mi yu giving me back and mek me have to come to you for it.

I've been in situations before where I wasn't able to repay the money I've borrowed at the time I said I would but mi mek sure mi communicate that with the person mi borrow the money from.

Things will happen beyond our control and we may not be able repay what we've borrowed but it's crucial to COMMUNICATE what is going on.

This is where the FRIEND-LEND CODE comes in play.

First of all. Don't tell me you're borrowing the money when you know that you have no intention to repay me or you know seh yu don't have the money to repay me. BE HONEST! Is it a loan or ah tek yu ah tek di money?

Secondly. When you communicate to me that you're borrowing the money ensure that within a week you give me an update on the loan. Yes an update. This update doesn't mean that you have to repay me within a week but to let me know when the money will be repaid. It is the borrower's responsibility to communicate when the money is going to be repaid.

Finally. Not because a friend is in a better financial situation than you means yu fi tek set pan dem and turn dem into yu mini brinks.

Ensure that money doesn't become an expense in a friendship. This can be simply solved when people just communicate clearly with each other so that no one feels taken for granted.

I agree that a friend in need is a friend indeed. But some friends are too inconsiderate and are consumed by greed.

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